Marilyn Manson

A number of celebrities have been forced to lay low and halt their careers after their images are tarnished due to various controversies in these past five months.

AceShowbiz - Marilyn Manson's music earned him reputation as a controversial figure, but that doesn't make his personal behaviors less controversial. On February 1, his former fiancee Evan Rachel Wood detailed in a statement on Instagram and Vanity Fair how the rocker had been allegedly emotionally, physically and sexually abusive during their relationship over a decade earlier. Denying the claims, he released a statement in which he stated that "these recent claims about me are horrible distortions of reality" and claimed that his ex-partners "are now choosing to misrepresent the past, that is the truth."

Regardless his claim of innocence, the musician was dropped by distributing record label Loma Vista Recordings, his talent agency Creative Artists as well as his long-time manager Tony Ciulla. On February 19, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed that Marilyn is under investigation due to allegations of domestic violence. Later in April, his other ex, Esme Bianco, filed a lawsuit against the eccentric musician, accusing him of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and also accusing Marilyn and his former manager of a violation of human trafficking laws which all have been denied by his legal representative.

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