Michael Douglas Recalls Mixed Feeling About Bob Dylan's Dog Eating His Caviar

Looking back at the time he hung out with George Harrison and Bob Dylan, 'The Kominsky Method' actor spills what happened when the two invited themselves up to his suite after his Golden Globes win.

AceShowbiz - Movie star Michael Douglas had mixed feelings about hanging out with George Harrison and Bob Dylan after his Golden Globes win in 1988, because the folk-rocker's dog ate all his caviar.

The Traveling Wilburys bandmates invited themselves up to the actor's hotel suite after his win for "Wall Street" and Douglas decided such a special occasion called for fine snacks.

"It's after midnight and I'm in my room and I get a phone call: 'Hello Michael, this is George - George Harrison... Me and my mate thought we'd just come by and say hello'. I said, 'Sure, sure, sure, come on by'..."

"I opened the door and there is George Harrison with Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan has got the biggest dog you have ever seen in your life; it's like a small pony... They come on in, I got some borscht and caviar. George is talking. Bob doesn't say much. And the dog is pacing back and forth. I'm trying to talk over the dog."

"All of a sudden the dog stops and he smells around and the next thing you know he goes to the caviar and he starts [eating] what must be $150 a spoonful... I'm waiting for Bob Dylan to say something and then finally Bob Dylan looks at the dog and he goes, 'Far out, he loves caviar.' "

Past story aside, Michael has just celebrated his youngest daughter's graduation from high school. Celebrating the milestone, "The Kominsky Method" star posted a sweet family photo on Instagram with a message that read, "Congratulations to Carys and the entire class of 2021! Your Mom and I are so proud of you!"

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