Rachel Platten Shows Baby Bump, Says Baby No. 2 Is 'Coming in Hot'
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The 'Fight Song' hitmaker takes to her Instagram account to share a picture of her growing belly after making public announcement about her pregnancy when serving as guest co-host on 'The Talk'.

AceShowbiz - Rachel Platten is going to be a mother of two! After making public her pregnancy during a television appearance, the "Fight Song" hitmaker showed off her baby bump via an Instagram post and informed her fans and followers that "Baby #2 coming in hot."

On Tuesday, April 20, the 39-year-old singer posted a snap of her showing off her growing belly while sporting a beautiful white oversized dress and white boots. Alongside the photo, she wrote, "Here's the other half of what I've been creating this year. Baby #2 coming in hot." She jested in the same caption, "This was a hard secret to keep."

Rachel's celebrity friends have since showered her with congratulatory messages. Country singer LeAnn Rimes wrote, "Awww... congrats, beauty [love emoji]." Make-up artist/YouTube personality Kandee Johnson penned, "Yessssss! Yesss! Yessss!!!! Congrats you gorgeous mama!!!! [love emoji]." Meanwhile, "Foolish Games" singer, Jewel Kilcher, exclaimed, "Woooot!!!!!"

The baby bump post followed Rachel's first public announcement about her second pregnancy. When serving as guest co-host on "The Talk" on Tuesday, the "Stand by You" singer brought up her big news by declaring, "I am pregnant."

Rachel then stood and cradled her baby bump to offer the show's viewers a look at her pregnancy. "I realized when I got asked to do the show today, I was like, I haven't announced this yet. I guess I'm going to have to announce this," she said at the time. "So, this is my announcement!"

The talk show's hosts congratulated Rachel by giving her a cute baby gift. "This is the first baby gift I've received for this baby. The second baby, everybody always says, oh, you're fine, you have everything," she said while unboxing the present.

After learning what it is inside, the wife of Kevin Lazan tearfully revealed, "It's a 'Talk' onesie… Thank you guys so much. That is so, so meaningful. I appreciate it."

Rachel is also a mother to daughter Violet Skye, who was born in January 2019. During the show, she also talked about how differences between her and her husband played part on their marriage. She opened up, "My husband and I have been together for 15 years… Part of what makes it work actually are our differences."

"I have actually found that getting to spend now more time with him in quarantine, and like realizing that, oh dang, we don't have separate space, like we really have to confront some of these issues," she continued. "First of all, therapy, couples therapy, has helped with that."

"But second of all, I don't want to meet in the middle with him," Rachel added. "I actually love that he balances me, and he grounds me. And, I also want to model for my children how to respectfully disagree with someone. Because I think we need so much more of that in this country."

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