Laverne Cox and Selena Gomez Among Stars Signing Open Letter to Support Transgender Youth

The 'Orange Is the New Black' star and the former Disney actress are leading a new campaign to support transgender youth amid fights against anti-LGBTQ legislation in Arkansas.

AceShowbiz - Laverne Cox and Selena Gomez are spearheading a new campaign to support transgender women and girls.

The two stars are among the 420-plus women who have signed a "We All Must Fight" letter organised by activist Raquel Willis to mark Wednesday's (31Mar21) Transgender Day of Visibility and the end of Women's History Month.

The letter drops as the transgender community fights legislation in Arkansas, which would ban access to gender-affirming care for transgender youth.

"It is time for the long history of assaults (legislative, physical, social, and verbal) against trans women and girls to end," the letter reads. "For far too long, lawmakers have worked to strip trans women of their civil liberties - in 2021, once again, we've seen a wave of bigoted governmental policies and legislation."

"Many of these laws target the rights of girls to play school sports or criminalize doctors for treating trans youth and their families."

"These bigoted efforts are also aided by a contingent of self-identified feminists, who have been promoting damaging and violent ideas about trans people for years in the United States and internationally. Their vitriol is, in fact, not feminist at all. True feminists do not wish to limit any woman's identity or freedom to fully be herself."

"Allowing transphobic rhetoric to go unchecked also strengthens the legislative efforts of anti-trans politicians - who now cloak their bigotry in language about protecting or supporting women."

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem, actress and director Regina King, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Bella Hadid, Janelle Monae, Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore, and Brie Larson are also among the celebrities who have signed the letter.

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