ESPN Dragged After Mistaking 2 Chainz for Future

In a now-deleted Instagram post, ESPN accidentally used a picture of titi boy instead of the 'Life Is Good' rapper in a post about the latter's hit song 'March Madness'.

AceShowbiz - Both 2 Chainz and Future are known for having their hair braided, and it seems like folks in ESPN are struggling to tell the two rappers apart. In a now-deleted Instagram post, it accidentally used a picture of 2 Chainz instead of Future in a post about the "Life Is Good" rapper.

In the post, which was originally uploaded on March 1, ESPN tried to showcase Future's performance of his 2015 hit record "March Madness" from his fan-favorite "56 Nights" mixtape, comparing it to one of NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain's statlines from the 1960s. However, instead of attaching Future's picture, the account used 2 Chainz's.

"the ESPN intern thought tity boi was future," a fan tweeted alongside a screenshot of the snafu. Another user wrote, "Who gonna tell @espn that this 2Chainz and not Future."

One person added, "the ESPN intern thought tity boi was future." Meanwhile, someone pointed out that ESPN wasn't the only one to blame for the mistake. "ESPN tagged Future in a post with a photo of 2 Chainz and got roasted, but Getty's database seems at least partly at fault," the person explained. It was seen that the photo of 2 Chainz at the 2020 NBA All-Star Game showed up on the fourth page of search results for "Future rapper".

"Not ESPN mistaking 2 chainz for Future. Flag on the play," said another user. "How the hell did ESPN confuse a picture of 2 Chainz with Future," one confused fan asked.

"Please HIRE BLACK PEOPLE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA. THESE WHITE KIDS WITH DEGREES DONT KNOW S**T," someone urged. Echoing the sentiment, another user wrote, "Like.... I bet their social media manager is 33 year old white woman named Sarah who's never heard a future or 2 chainz song."

ESPN has yet to comment on the mistake.

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