B. Simone Laughs Off Claims About Her Plagiarizing Her Viral Valentine's Day PSA Video

A woman who goes by the name iamdonniip on Instagram accuses the social media influencer of stealing her content, while another user says that Simone 'stole from @jpwritespub book THE LIST: Are You on it?'

AceShowbiz - B. Simone has reacted to plagiarism accusations that are leveled at her. After two women claimed that the influencer stole their content for her viral Valentine's Day PSA video, in which she urged woman to list the criteria of their ideal man and start to become that, Simone went on Instagram Live to deny the allegations.

While trying to hold back her laughter, she said, "I got a list the errands I gotta do tomorrow. Oh great, I got a grocery list. I got a list of people on my block list. I got a list of people I gotta email back." Simone then questioned before bursting into laughter, "Who was the first person to make a list? It's none of us."

"The first person in history to make a list in deceased. I can assure you," she said, before adding that "this is hilarious to me."

Prior to this, a woman who goes by the name iamdonniip on Instagram claimed, "The same s**t I said 2 weeks ago some women dragged me for but the moment BSimone says the s**t y'all d**k ride." She added, "Mannnn listen y'all know where y'all seen that s**t at first. Shoutout to everyone who's been tagging me in that post saying she stole my s**t y'all the real ones for even rocking with me."

Another woman, whose Instagram handle is @j_neese, also claimed that Simone "stole from @jpwritespub book THE LIST: Are You on it?". The person further elaborated, "This was written back in 2014 aid on live in 2017, ebook originally published 2019 & print in 2020." She also added some hashtags including "#bsimone #theshaderoom #jpwrites #thelist."

"It's been a while since I did one of these, but today is one of those days where you just gonna have to come on here and speak the truth, because if you don't, people will just run with your stuff and call it their own," she said. "So, as the saying goes, 'once a thief, always a thief'. So B Simone has been in the headlines before for stealing from authors, passing the work as her own, then claiming that her team did it behind her back. However, here we go again. She's stealing from another author and passing the work as her own. Only this time she doesn't have a book out yet, but I feel like if I know what I know, it's coming and she's gonna claim it was her's from the beginning."

In Simone's viral video, the social media influencer challenged women to make an effort to be what they want others to become instead of demanding others to be what they want. "We got all these things we want in a man," she began saying. "He gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty teeth, he gotta bee a family man, he gotta be financially stable, he gotta be rich, he gotta be successful. He gotta be all these things and we ain't even have the things on that list."

"Get your act together! This whole list that he gotta be, you ain't even have the things on that list. So this is what I challenge you to do so we can manifest love all 2021," she continued. "Make a list of the perfect man you have in mind, and then what I did is to make a list of the type of woman he needs right by his side."

Before ending her video, Simone said, "You want him to get in shape, you need to go to the gym. You want him to be financially stable, then you need to start saving. You want him to be a family man, call your mama, you become a family woman. ... You want him to be understanding, you're the least understanding in your circle of friends but he gotta be understanding? Fix you! Whatever you want, become that! Let's become the person we want to attract. How about that? Huh? That's the challenge."

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