Tyrese Gibson Defends B. Simone Following Backlash Over Her Viral Manifesting Love Video

In the clip that quickly goes viral, the social media personality urges fellow women to make an effort to be what they want others to become instead of demanding others to be what they want.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone went viral after she posted a video of her preaching about manifesting love in 2021. In the clip, the social media personality shared some advice for fellow women, saying that instead of demanding others to be what they want, they need to make an effort to be what they want others to become.

"We got all these things we want in a man," she began saying. "He gotta be tall, he gotta be dark, he gotta be handsome, he gotta have pretty teeth, he gotta bee a family man, he gotta be financially stable, he gotta be rich, he gotta be successful. He gotta be all these things and we ain't even have the things on that list. He gotta be a family man. B***h, you ain't talked to yo mama in six months but you want him to be a family man."

"He gotta have a job, you need to file in some applications 'cause you're still unemployed. He gotta have pretty teeth, you haven't seen the dentist for six years. Get your act together! This whole list that he gotta be, you ain't even have the things on that list. So this is what I challenge you to do so we can manifest love all 2021," she continued. "Make a list of the perfect man you have in mind, and then what I did is to make a list of the type of woman he needs right by his side."

Simone went on saying, "You want him to get in shape, you need to go to the gym. You want him to be financially stable, then you need to start saving. You want him to be a family man, call your mama, you become a family woman. ... You want him to be understanding, you're the least understanding in your circle of friends but he gotta be understanding? Fix you! Whatever you want, become that! Let's become the person we want to attract. How about that? Huh? That's the challenge."

While many praised Simone for the message, some others slammed her for it. Those who begged to differ believed that Simone only said that because she's rumored to have a new boo, Los Angeles Raiders star Chris Smith. Some others also brought up her thirsting over DaBaby and the plagiarism accusations leveled at Simone.

"Was B Simone not begging a man under 5'9 to like her? And was bigging up Danileigh and basically saying she damn near won cause she latina? She has the self esteem of a broom but wants to punch down? Not going for that," one Twitter user wrote.

"f**k y'all defending b simone weird a** for. y'all forgot about that angry black woman s**t she said? lol," another user added. "I thought we all agreed to stop listening to B Simone after she scammed y'all with that plagiarized leaflet marketed as a manifestation book," someone else chimed in.

Among the backlash, actor Tyrese Gibson showed support for Simone. "Women are pissed? calling her a fraud? But why???? Dear @thebsimone I'm going to hire you as soon as I can...... Promise #RawTruthHurts," so he wrote in an Instagram comment.

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