B. Simone Dragged After Urging Fans to Subscribe to Her Close Friends Following Ms Jacky Oh's Death

The actress finds herself trending on Twitter as Internet users accuse her of trying to capitalize on her friend Jacky's passing by making people pay for an access to her Close Friends on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - B. Simone was trending on Twitter for a bad reason. The actress found herself trending on the blue bird app as Internet users slammed her for posting about subscribing to her Close Friends following her friend Ms Jacky Oh's passing.

On Tuesday, June 6, B. Simone took to Instagram to urge her followers to join her Close Friends. "If your not on my close friends your not going to see much of my life during this time. Close friends i love you… thank you for being a safe space," so she wrote, referring to her Close Friends Show.

B. Simone described CFS as an "exclusive access to intimate moments with my fans, friends and family. You'll see behind the scenes of when I travel, turn up, get a little wild and so much more."

After catching wind of B. Simone's post, Internet users were quick to criticize her as they believed she's trying to capitalize on the death of her friend. "B. Simone is asking for ppl to pay for access to her close friends as she 'grieves her friend' Jacky Oh. How could you ever bring yourself to use your friends passing as a means to get ppl to pay for your close friends is insanity. This is beyond low & disgusting," one critic said.

"My personal opinion that no one asked for, I think b Simone is trying to weed out the trolls. Ppl are obviously going to flock to her page MORE to see her grieve. & to get info abt how everyone is doing ets. Which is exploitation in my opinion. & to curve that this could be a way," one other opined.

Another user noted, "Capitalizing off your friend death is gross.. If she's grieving that's fine.. But asking people to pay to watch her grieve is sick." Someone else added, "B Simone posting link to purchase access to her close friends to see her grieve is wild… girllllll."

However, some others came to the "Scheme Queens" star's defense."This girl never said 'if yall wanna see me grieving join my close friends' she stated that you won't see much of her life if you're not apart of her c.f community! Which she had for over a year & said that it's a safe space," one fan pointed out. "where did she state that it would be to showcase her grieving..the internet is so judgmental it's ridiculous."

"My interpretation really doesn't matter but its just: I don't think she was telling people to pay to see her grieve. She was saying she about to stay offline but will still show up for those that she feels she owes something to (the subscribers) and was opening up the community to anyone else to join before she closes herself off…. I don't think she was trying to use her friend's death the gain. She was just letting everyone know she's closing herself off for a little while," another fan added.

A user wrote, "She never mentioned showing her grieving process. This is a reach and Ion even care for B Simone." Another fan stressed, "Did she say subscribe to my close friends to see me grieve? Or am I missing something?? A lot of people are charging to subscribe to their CF to have access to their personal life. Y'all need to read to comprehend before you're so quick to call someone out!"

B. Simone, meanwhile, has yet to comment on the backlash.

Jacky Oh passed away at the age of 33. Her partner DC Young Fly recently broke his silence on her death in a statement to PEOPLE on June 2, saying, "We thank everyone for their well wishes and ask for privacy during this difficult time." Born Jacklyn Smith, Jacky died on May 31 in Miami. She allegedly flew to Miami to undergo a cosmetic procedure, just days before her passing.

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