Blac Chyna's Mom Accuses Daughter of Mimicking Her, Is 'Saddened' by Her Accomplishments

Tokyo Toni shares in a new interview that she's 'not [proud of]' the reality TV star and that she's 'saddened by [what she's accomplished] because I know why she received it.'

AceShowbiz - It's no secret that Blac Chyna doesn't have the best relationship with her mom Tokyo Toni. In an interview with Tasha K, the latter got candid about her feelings towards the video vixen as well as her career, adding that she didn't feel proud of her.

When asked about the reason why she doesn't get along with Chyna, Toni said, "It's the devil, it's the devil." She added, "We're nothing alike. She mimicked me, just like Nicki Minaj did, just like Cardi B and everybody else. Mimicked me. But there's only one of me, how about that?"

Further attacking the ex-fiancee of Rob Kardashian, Toni continued, "No, it's one of me and it's one of her in which we're two individuals on two different paths-- not of love, but of every day." She also shared that she's "not [proud of her]" and that she's "saddened by [what she's accomplished] because I know why she received it."

"She couldn't receive the same things without doing the things she's done by hurting people. By hurting her nannies, by hurting her friends, by embarrassing her family, by hurting her mother," Toni elaborated. "So, to accomplish all of these things and have all that put on the line, no I'm not [proud]. But on the other side of it, I'm very proud that she has the things that she has. She don't have to sell a** and she ain't gotta go strip. So, on that tip, Mama proud, baby."

That aside, Toni has been known for her controversial remarks. Back in January 2020, she blasted Khloe Kardashian while jumping on Chyna's defense amid her custody battle against Rob. In an Instagram Live session, the Dominican native showed a slideshow of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" regular's past lovers that included Lamar Odom and Terrence J while singing along to Cartoon's "On & On".

However, Toni changed the lyrics. "For the last time, she been to the dark doors/ She's a f***ing whore/ She's a whore, she's a whore," she sang at the time. Tokyo even sang in falsetto as she repeated the word, "whore," several times.

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