Amy Schumer Lightheartedly Labels Natalie Portman a 'Huge Liar' for Her Parenting Advice

When opening up about motherhood, the 'I Feel Pretty' actress admits that she is not a good mother as she and her husband often try to 'sneak out' when leaving their child with the nanny.

AceShowbiz - Amy Schumer has lightheartedly called out Natalie Portman. Revealing in a new interview that she got parenting advice from the "Black Swan" actress, the Renee Barrett depicter in "I Feel Pretty" jokingly called the former a "huge liar" since the fellow mother's suggestion did not work for her.

The 39-year-old comedienne came up with the label for the Hollywood star when speaking in the Wednesday, February 3 episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers". Asked by host Seth Meyers whether she was being a good mother, she first admitted, "Actually, no. It's interesting. You don't know how good you're going to be of a parent."

"I got some nice advice from Natalie Portman, who was like, 'You have more instincts than you know you have,' " the funny woman continued. "And what I'm finding is that Natalie Portman is a huge liar. Because so far, my instincts are all wrong."

The "Trainwreck" star then offered more details about her parenthood journey with husband Chris Fischer. "I've been reading this parenting book, "How Toddlers Thrive", and usually, if Chris and I are going to leave Gene with the nanny, we sneak out . . . literally like a creep in a cartoon," she first spilled.

Amy went on, "Or I'll drop behind the couch and kind of do 'The Matrix' - just so he doesn't cry and freak out. And this book, page one is like, 'Whatever you do, don't sneak out, that's really bad for your child.' " The mother of one, who originally named her child Gene Attell before changing it to Gene David, added, "I'm like, 'OK.' Not to mention, we did name him, you know, by accident, 'Genital.' "

"What sucks now, is you can never make fun of another kid's name," she quipped. "You know, a celebrity has a baby and they name it something stupid, you can't be like, 'Nice name, idiot.' Because it's like, 'Well, what did you name your kid Amy? Why didn't you just name him Ballsack Weiner? Weiner Tip? How about that, Amy?' "

Despite the trials and errors she faced while being a new mother, the creator and star of "Inside Amy Schumer" said she is willing to keep trying her best to take care of her kid. "You just have to live and learn," she concluded.

Amy and Chris welcomed baby Gene in May 2019. Announcing the happy news on Instagram, she shared a photo from the delivery room where she cuddled her newborn while her husband planted a kiss on her forehead. In the accompaniment of the post, she wrote, "Our royal baby was born."

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