'The Masked Dancer' Exotic Bird Revealed as 'American Idol' Winner

The contestant, who's sent packing during the February 3 episode of the talent show, knew she would easily be busted when she found out Paula Abdul signed up as a judge.

AceShowbiz - [SPOILER ALERT!] Jordin Sparks was left "floored" when she found out she was going to be reunited with her "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul on "The Masked Dancer".

The "No Air" singer was revealed as Exotic Bird on the latest episode of the U.S. TV talent show on Wednesday night (03Feb21), after dancing to Paula's song "Opposites Attract".

Following the episode airing, Jordin told Variety that she thought Paula was going to correctly guess it was her, after she acted as a judge on her series of "American Idol" back in 2007 - which Jordin won.

"When they told me that (Paula) was judging, the first thing that popped into my head was I can't believe that all this time later I'm now going to be on another competition show stage with her sitting at the judging panel," she smiled. "That blew my mind. And I was like, she's gonna know. When she guessed me, I was floored but I was actually very happy that it was her guessing. It was a really cool moment."

And her suspicions were correct, as both Paula and fellow judge Ashley Tisdale guessed it was her, while Ken Jeong plumped for Jennifer Hudson.

Jordin added that her inspiration for taking part in the programme was her three-year-old son DJ, explaining, "I wanted to show him that I can do things even if they scare me. He was very instrumental in inspiring me to go, and my husband as well."

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