Funkmaster Flex Insists Drake Is a Better Artist Than Jay-Z: He's Michael Jackson to Some Kids

The disc jockey lays down the reason why he picks the 'Hotline Bling' rapper over the 'N***as in Paris' hitmaker when challenged about his statement on 'Million Dollaz Worth of Game'.

AceShowbiz - Funkmaster Flex has defended his claim that Drake is a better than Jay-Z. Having antagonized the Roc Nation founder for some time, the disc jockey was challenged about his statement on the two rappers when stopping by "Million Dollaz Worth of Game".

During the interview, hosts Wallo and Gillie Da King seemed to disagree with Funkmaster on the matter. "So you sittin' here telling me that an R&B rapper is the greatest f**kin' rapper of all time?" Gillie asked as he grilled the Bronx emcee, who attempted to backtrack on the statement. "That's what the f**k you said.... Drake is great but the greatest of all time?!"

Standing by his earlier comment, Funkmaster argued that he's able to play back-to-back Drake records in the club because the Canadian rapper is so versatile whereas Jay-Z isn't. "I been in a lot of clubs and I played a lot of records. And I've been in a lot of big rooms and I've played a lot of concerts," he said. "You know in a set of 3,000 people, you can play 15-20 Drake songs back-to-back tomorrow. I can't play 20 Jay-Z [songs] back-to-back. I can't."

"N***a, Jay-Z been out 40 years!" Gillie asserted, accusing Funkmaster of being a prisoner of the moment and ignoring the impact Jigga's discography has had on hip-hop. "This is a typical old n***a that lives in the moment," he added.

Funkmaster replied by comparing Drake to Michael Jackson. "For some people who absorb music. ... Drake is Michael Jackson to some of these kids," the host on New York City's Hot 97 radio station insisted. "And Hov isn't?!" Gillie fired back in disbelief, to which Funkmaster responded, "Hov ain't as creative as Drake."

Funkmaster previously deemed Jigga as the "most sensitive motherf**ker on the planet" and called him out for his alignment with former president Donald Trump. He accused his fellow New York native of dealing with Trump to land a pardon for Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez.

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