Funkmaster Flex Calls Cardi B a 'Terrible Rapper,' Twitter Reacts

The Hot 97 radio host divides social media users after he calls out the 'WAP' hitmaker over her rapping and songwriting skills, but praises her as 'an amazing entertainer.'

AceShowbiz - Funkmaster Flex isn't holding back with his comments on Cardi B. The veteran DJ and hip-hop artist has dissed the latter over her rapping and songwriting skills during a recent sit-down with the "Cigar Talk" podcast.

"I do think Cardi B is a terrible rapper, my n***a, I just do, man," the Hot 97 radio host, whose real name is Aston George Taylor Jr., told host Najichill. "She's a terrible rapper, man. I don't know. Even if somebody [else] wrote [her songs], those aren't good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars! Is nobody gonna f**king say it?"

Despite criticizing the Bronx femcee as a rapper, Funkmaster Flex praised Cardi as an entertainer. He said of her outstanding qualities, "She's an amazing entertainer, I love her on social media, I love the way she talks about a subject, I like her whole swag, I like everything."

Cardi has not responded to Funkmaster Flex's remarks, but it didn't take long for social media users to react to his opinion. Disagreeing with him, one person tweeted, "Hey funk flex. We like cardi for her overall package as an artist/musician/entertainer. Sorry if you're judging her purely as a rapper."

Another defended the "WAP hitmaker, "She is not a great lyricist but she can make hits. 5 number 1 hits so far??? That is something not many in Hip Hop have ever done. I am an old head but i try not to be the stay off my lawn guy when it comes to these new artists. Let them make that money and congratulate them."

A third fan accused Funkmaster Flex of being spiteful as saying, "looooool idgaf how legendary he is this is so cap. just say you hate the woman and GO." Another claimed he was just trying to gain some clout, "Never heard of him till he spoke on cardi. Guess he got the attention he begged for."

However, there were others who agreed with Funkmaster Flex. "He's RIGHT! She is very entertaining regardless if you a fan or not. I saw her live once and I enjoyed it. But she can't rap," one of them argued.

Another remarked, "Cardi B is a machine and so far it's working. And the title of a rapper is used to loosely nowadays anyways." Someone else pointed out, "Imagine having all the numbers,topping charts and awards and yet you ain't even on anyone's top list. Girl please."

This isn't the first time Funkmaster Flex has taken aim at Cardi B. Back in August 2018, the 52-year-old accused the Grammy Award-winning artist of paying DJs to play her music. "I met Cardi and her management and I respected his and Cardi's hustle! BUT LETS BE CLEAR.. CARDI'S TEAM AND MANY OTHER ARTIST (in the beginning of career) PAY DJS TO PLAY RECORDS AND SAY THAT 'THEY ARE HOT' (Since I never took a penny from a rapper I'm not scared to speak on it) I have emails I've gotten from labels over the years with names and figures!" he tweeted in response to her video in which she spoke of fans' support to her since her song "Bodak Yellow" blew up.

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