Diane Warren Compares Selling Her Song Catalogue to Selling Her Soul

The famed songwriter vows to never sell her song catalogue, saying that parting ways with the publishing rights to her tunes would be like selling her soul.

AceShowbiz - Diane Warren has vowed never to sell her song catalogue, admitting that doing so would be like "selling my soul."

While a host of big names, including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Stevie Nicks, are among those who have recently made the decision to part ways with the publishing rights to their tunes, songwriter and performer Warren insists she'll never join their ranks.

She reflected on the current trend during an interview on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, revealing that she's "friends" with Hipgnosis Songs boss Merck Mercuriadis, and, "He knows that's a non-starter. It would be like selling my soul, and that's not for sale."

Despite her adamance, Warren added that she can understand why other people are selling their catalogues.

"I get it," she continued. "I mean, times are hard. And if you need the money, publishing is so valuable. Truly one of the most valuable assets, I guess, in the world is a great song. But yeah, I'm not interested in selling."

Last year, it's announced that Diane Warren's music would be featured in a new musical "The Right Girl" about Harvey Weinstein scandal. It is set to revolve around the career fall-out that one of the victims, Louisette Geiss, endured after she was allegedly assaulted by the mogul.

The show is expected to be directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Susan Stroman while the cast include "Glee" alum Jenna Ushkowitz.

"Though the story is fictionalized, almost all of the dialogue, lyrics and situations came directly from these contributors and publicly reported stories," Geiss said in a statement. "Our goal, from day one, has been to amplify and honor these women's stories, and encourage audiences to help them change the world."

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