JT Fires Back After Trolled Over Bad Grammar: 'Mind Your Business'

The City Girls rapper catches wind of the trolling comments as she claps back to haters, urging others to 'leave my tweets alone" since 'they're not for Instagram.'

AceShowbiz - JT has had enough with people criticizing her for every little thing, including the way she writes on social media. The one half of City Girls made use of her Twitter account to clap back at haters who troll her over her grammatical mistakes on her posts.

Some people made fun of JT's recent tweet which read, "I been through a lot of s**t I never can actually healed from. All I know is adjusting! I get in my modes when I just reflect…I wanna leave that in 2020 for sure it's holding me back!" While the message is positive, Internet users noticed some grammatical errors in the post and called her out when the tweet was reposted by TheShadeRoom.

"I just had a stroke reading dat, I'm not gone lie," a person admitted. Someone else similarly added, "Period, a comma, an uppercase letter… Anything would help decipher what was said." JT caught wind of the trolling comments as she took to the comment section to urge others to "leave my tweets alone" since "they're not for Instagram."

The female emcee apparently still had more to say about the matter as she further express her feelings in now-deleted tweets. "Yeah, ya'll be in the comments saying y'all can't understand or read what I'm saying… Good, b***h mind your business." she wrote on Twitter. "I tweet fast! I don't re-read half the time! This is not a school. I repeat, this is not school."

The explanations didn't stop people from criticizing the "P***y Talk" rapper. "It's not school, but you sound dumb tryna make a point no one can understand or read," someone commented. Another response read, "It's not school… it's real life? Real words? Real grammar and English? I just don't understand?"

Meanwhile, "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star Bobby Lytes jumped into JT's defense. "Well I understood just fine!!" so he said in an Instagram comment.

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