Ireland Baldwin Continues Defending Stepmom Hilaria: I Don't See the Significance in Bullying Anyone

Addressing the backlash she got for standing by the yoga instructor amid heritage controversy, the daughter of Alec Baldwin opens up about her own struggles in having her private ordeals made public.

AceShowbiz - Ireland Baldwin is not done yet defending her stepmom who was recently entangled in a controversy over her heritage. Just two days after standing by Hilaria Baldwin amid backlash over her Spanish accent, the daughter of Alec Baldwin stressed once again that she did not see "the significance in bullying anyone."

On Tuesday, December 29, the 25-year-old uploaded her lengthy statement via Instagram. She first addressed her own struggle dealing with public scrutiny by writing, "I moved out of a major city with the intention of escaping the public eye in a small but significant way. I couldn't take a deep breath in Los Angeles and was dealing with a great deal of anxiety that I didn't know how to manage."

"Stories come out about my family members that often times are fabricated or blown out of proportion," she continued. "I've spent so much time getting worked up and upset seeing people dig into my parent's divorce and relationship history, into my past having visited a mental rehabilitation facility, and so many PRIVATE ordeals made public."

"That's the thing I can say that most of you don't understand… what it's like to have your family's private affairs aired out and analyzed by millions of strangers," the daughter of Kim Basinger went on. "Now the purpose of this isn't to ask for any kind of sympathy... I simply want to point out a couple things."

Ireland then emphasized on how much she loves Hilaria. "Like I mentioned yesterday, I do love my step mom very much. I think she's a strong, kind, and a caring human being. Without saying anything further on all of this, I think it is her business and not my own to discuss her family background and answer your questions," she noted.

The cousin of Hailey Baldwin further offered her gratitude to "Instagram friends" who have been very open and honest in discussing cultural appropriation, before schooling haters against bullying. "Yes, it's important to educate. And YES it's beyond ok to express frustration and confusion and anger," she argued, "but I think sending threatening messages isn't really going to get any kind of message across either."

Concluding her message, she wrote, "I appreciate those who are patient with me. I don't have a publicist or a team of people who are all writing my posts and gathering my thoughts and making them as politically correct as possible...I'm going to f**k up." She added, "I'm a flawed human being who is still deep in this learning journey. I apologize to those who are dealing with any kind of hurt during this time and I hope you have a Happy New Year."

Two days earlier, Ireland turned to Instagram Story to fire back at a troll who accused Hilaria of trying to act like a Spanish person. "It's so pathetic that anyone would wanna play detective, and dig that deep into someone's life that they don't know, don't know anything about, how they were raised, who they were actually raised by. It's just kinda sad and pathetic," she scolded in a December 27 post.

Hilaria herself had responded to the allegations by offering some background into her identity and culture. "I'm born in Boston, and then I spent some of my childhood in Boston, some of my childhood in Spain… everybody is over there in Spain and now I'm here. So there was a lot of back and forth my entire life," she clarified in an Instagram video.

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