Ireland Baldwin Calls Tiny Goat Her 'Child' in New Instagram Post

The bizarre post comes after the 28-year-old model celebrated eight months of motherhood by sharing a picture of her first child Holland who was born in May 2023.

AceShowbiz - Ireland Baldwin makes use of her Instagram account to introduce her "child," but it's not like people may think. On Saturday, the model took to her page to share a slew of pictures of her nestling her baby.

The said snaps saw the 28-year-old snuggling a tiny goat in a baby carrier. The daughter of Alec Baldwin, who wore a flower-patterned white dress, gave a better look at the little animal in two other pictures on the post.

In the caption, meanwhile, Ireland wrote, "MY CHILD." She additionally put a crying emoji.

The bizarre post caught Paris Hilton's attention as she commented, "What a beautiful day." Ireland's dad also left a comment, writing, "Now THAT'S a Wes Anderson movie…."

Recently, Ireland celebrated eight months of motherhood. "8 months of being my butter biscuit," she wrote alongside a picture of her newborn daughter, Holland, who was born in May 2023. The baby, whom she shares with boyfriend RAC, born Andre Allen Anjos, could be seen wearing a pair of pumpkin pants and a "Dare Devil" T-shirt.

Prior to that, Ireland opened up about the highs and lows of becoming a mom. "I'm not going to lie... there have been moments where I have been so overwhelmed by all of the changes... but overall, things have been beautiful," she shared during an Instagram Q&A last October.

"She's so much fun to spend time with and figure out," she continued of Holland. "I would say most of the stress I've experienced lately has actually had nothing to do with her. Being overtired just makes it all worse."

She additionally called 2023 "one of the hardest years of my life." Ireland wrote ahead of New Year's Eve, "This wasn't some resolution for change I made but a series of events that forced me to break many bad habits and be my best self for this tiny human I call my daughter. She isn't even a year old yet and she's taught me how to be a better friend, a better listener, and to take my time… take it slow."

"I have never felt more love in my life yet I have never felt more isolated," she continued. "The loneliness of being a new mom can feel so suffocating, somehow. I've had to part ways with so many friends that simply don't understand where I'm at and why I can't be the same person. I'm invited to a lot less. My career has taken a longer pause than expected which has been really hard on me some days."

"Some days I fight for my old self to show face and be the girl who can stay out later, fit the same dress size, drink as much, keep everyone entertained… but I'm a new me and that's ok," she continued, "I like the new me who's taking on new things and pushing limits I never even knew I had."

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