Halsey and Corpse Husband's Interaction Sends Twitter Into Frenzy

The 'Bad at Love' songstress and the YouTuber cause fans to lose it after she asks the Internet personality to teach her how to play the popular game 'Among Us'.

AceShowbiz - Halsey may have unexpectedly found herself a gaming buddy in popular YouTube star Corpse Husband. The singer has had a cute exchange with the Internet personality on Twitter that caused other users to go wild.

On Sunday, December 20, the "Closer" singer decided to greet her fans and followers with a simple tweet that read, "hello." Much to her surprise, Corpse Husband, who is also a musician, replied to her tweet with, "exactly."

Noticing his response, Halsey wrote back to the YouTuber, who is known for his faceless work on the video-sharing platform, "Ahhhh! You are deep voice no face human! Hello!" Corpse Husband then cheekily responded, "yes hello, I also have hand."

The Grammy Award-nominated artist then uttered her intention to play the popular online multiplayer game "Among Us". "I want to play space Game. But I do not know how. Teach?" she asked. Corpse Husband agreed to her request, replying, "I'll dm you."

Halsey and Corpse Husband's Twitter Exchange

Halsey and Corpse Husband had a cute Twitter exchange.

The two stars' interaction has sent Twitter into frenzy, to the point that Halsey's name has become a trending topic on the blue bird app. "oh dear heavens," one person exclaimed. Another reacted to Halsey and Corpse Husband's exchange, "WHO TOOK THE OXYGEN."

Another commented, "If you guys hear a scream do not mind it's just me dying." Someone else hopes that Halsey and Corpse Husband's interaction will eventually lead to a musical collaboration. "WTF!!! I HOPE THEY MAKE A COLLABORATION!!! When that happens I'll declare myself dead," the said person tweeted. Another reacted in disbelief, "WHAT THE F**K IS HAPPENING I'M ASCENDING."

One person, however, was not having it with a celebrity trying to shoot her shot with Corpse Husband. "Not celebrities hitting on @Corpse_Husband," the Twitter user wrote. "following this man for a long time and knowing how genuine he is I really hope he stays careful around these people next thing u know they be trashing him im public when things don't go their ways , he got enough s**t going on."

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