Mulatto Changes Her Moniker Because It's Not 'Worth It Anymore'

When asked if she'd find a new name, the 'B***h From Da Souf' rapper responds, 'It's still in the works,' adding that 'at this level in an artist's career that's not just something that happens overnight.'

AceShowbiz - Despite her success, Mulatto has been receiving hate comments over her rap moniker which many deem racially offensive. After being dubbed colorist by some people, the hip-hop star confirmed that she's working on a new stage name and offered an elaborated reason why she decided to do so.

The female emcee admitted that the name wasn't worth it anymore amid the current political climate. "The older I get, you know, just the state of the world right now with Donald Trump being the president -- well not for long, but him being the President– police brutality, just reaching a point where the world is fed up," she explained to HotNewHipHop.

"I was out on the frontline marching for victims of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement as a whole. To me, you get to a point where [the name] is not worth it anymore," the femcee continued. "I don't know. Your intention is kind of being misinterpreted. So it's like you've got to self reflect and go back to the drawing board. I don't know my final decision yet, but I'm definitely at the drawing board right now for sure."

Prior to this, she denied being a colorist in an interview with TheShadeRoom. "I'm not a colorist, but the internet gon' do what they do, I can't convince people that already don’t like me otherwise so I’m not gonna have a stroke about it," she said of the label. "That's why I’m doing my little part on the back end like learning about today, and talk about the name change and stuff like that, to also dead it on my end because I feel like that kinda contributes to that."

When asked if she'd found a new name, the "B***h From Da Souf" rapper responded, "It's still in the works, like, people gotta understand too that, at this level in an artist's career that's not just something that happens overnight." She went on saying, "Or, it's not something that even happens period because it's o much money and investments on the line when you do that…but it's definitely in the works, like, I'm considering it for sure."

Mulatto was accused of being a colorist after she allegedly said that colorism wasn't real during an interview on Clubhouse. "So Mulatto said that colorism doesn't exist but goes by I understanding correctly?" one critic wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, December 1. Another person added, "Mulatto digging herself in a bigger hole than she thinks."

Mulatto was quick to set the record straight. Denying ever saying such thing, the hip-hop star tweeted, "I WOULD NEVER SAY NO S**T LIKE COLORISM DOESN'T EXIST!" In another tweet, she went on to urge, "Please stop with the false narrative!"

Mulatto was also criticized for calling herself black as she was being accused of trying hard to be one. "I ain't ever heard a black woman call themselves a mulatto," one blasted the raptress, whose real name is Alyssa Michelle Stephen. "Beloved, do you even know where the term 'Mulatto' comes from?" another similarly responded.

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