Mulatto Dragged for Calling Herself Black

The 'B***h from da Souf' rapper insists she's black though many think that she doesn't deserve to call herself that way when she is actually of a mixed race as obviously stated by her stage name.

AceShowbiz - Mulatto is facing online backlash for calling herself black. The rapper has found herself at the center of a heated debate on Twitter after she defended herself as a black person, when someone accused her of trying hard to be one.

"I never liked this b***h she wanna black so bad h*e HUSHHHHHH!!" the hater tweeted on Friday, November 20. But it was Mulatto's response that started the storm of criticism at her as she insisted, "I am black dumb a** b***h. Who gone 'hush' me???"

Mulatto's Tweet

Mulatto responded to a hater.

Many disagreed with her, considering how she has declared herself as a mixed race with her stage name. For those who are not aware of the meaning behind the term Mulatto, it is a racial classification to refer to people of mixed white and black ancestry.

"I ain't ever heard a black woman call themselves a mulatto," one pointed out. "Beloved, do you even know where the term 'Mulatto' comes from?" another similarly reacted to the raptress', whose real name Alyssa Michelle Stephens, tweet.

"Mulatto doesn't mean 'black' love, embrace oreo status..," a third person explained. "YOUR NAME IS MULATTO DUMMY!" another mocked the "B***h from da Souf" femcee.

Some others accused her of being an opportunist. "So you 'big n***a now ???' Didn't you say that you're not black or white in an interview? You identify as Mulatto? So you only claim black when it's convenient?" one of them asked. Another similarly claimed, "Now u black cuz your audience is black."

Mulatto has previously revealed her experience with bullying because of her skin color. The 21-year-old star, who was born from a black father and white mother, said she was bullied in school for being "light-skinned." She additionally shared that the experience inspired her to later adopt the stage name Miss Mulatto when she started rapping.

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