Baby Boy Featured With Lil Pump in Instagram Photo Is Not His

Despite sparking a speculation that he fathered a son who was photographed with him in the picture, it's now revealed that the toddler is actually the son of another man.

AceShowbiz - Lil Pump has been accused of misleading his fans with his recent Instagram post suggesting that he's a father of a baby boy. Earlier this month, the 20-year-old star shared a picture of him with a toddler while airing out an apparent dispute with his baby mama, sparking a speculation that he's the father of the baby boy.

However, it's now reported that the baby in the picture is not Pump's. According to TMZ, the toddler with blonde hair is actually the son of Andre Malek, a yacht captain who operates charters in Miami. Sources tell the site that the baby boy often took pictures with celebrities and hot girls who hire his dad.

The claim is backed by photos posted on the boy's Instagram account that goes by the handle @captainadorbale305. In one of the snaps, the toddler was seen being surrounded by hot girls while he was put in a baby seat. Another image had the boy posing with actor Terrence Howard on a yacht party during the Fourth of July celebration.

Meanwhile, fueling the speculation that the baby is Pump's son was one photo posted in June that featured the the baby being draped in jewels with lyrics from Pump's breakout single "Gucci Gang" written in the caption.

Pump shared his picture with the baby boy on Sunday, December 13 as he blasted his baby mama. In the said image, he flashed a smile while holding the adorable little boy, who appears to be around 2 years old, on what looks like a boat. The Miami-born star, who had never spoken up about fathering a child before, wrote in the caption, "Baby momma ain't s**t won't let me see my son #fathers right."

Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, has not clarified the paternity of the baby boy in question nor addressed his claim about already being a father.

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