Gloria Estefan Contracted Covid-19 After Running Into Maskless Fan in Miami

The 'Conga' hitmaker reveals she had to spend two weeks in self-isolation as she experienced mild symptoms of coronavirus after coming into contact with a maskless fan in Miami.

AceShowbiz - Superstar Gloria Estefan has urged fans to continue taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously after she was forced into quarantine following a mild case of the coronavirus.

The "Conga" hitmaker has been encouraging followers to take note of health and safety advice from top officials ever since the start of the global health crisis, but despite taking precautions, Estefan tested positive in early November (20), shortly after dining outdoors at a Miami, Florida restaurant.

She suspects she contracted the virus after interacting with a maskless fan, who got a little too close for comfort.

"I was very lucky, but I just wanted to share with you that I was in quarantine," she explained in an Instagram video post.

"One day I went out and met with one person who was not wearing a mask. I even held my breath through their talk, but something must have happened there," Estefan shared, revealing she was diagnosed after losing her sense of taste, and had to spend two weeks locked away in one part of her Miami home to avoid spreading the illness to others.

Estefan also experienced "a little bit of a cough" and dehydration, and she is thankful to have pulled through largely unscathed, crediting her use of vitamins for keeping her immune system strong during the scary time.

"Fear was my biggest problem," she admitted. "We've got to grab fear and shake it and just do whatever you can to keep your immune system as healthy as you can."

Estefan, who has since tested negative twice, concluded her message by acknowledging the recent surge of positive cases in Miami, and begged viewers to do everything possible to help curb the spread of the coronavirus.

"I know we are kind of in a very big spike in Miami. It's tough here now," she noted. "Please everybody wear your masks, try to stay six feet away, and protect yourselves."

Estefan is the latest celebrity to overcome the coronavirus - Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Idris Elba, Antonio Banderas, Rosie Perez, Bad Bunny, and Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton are just some of the stars to have battled COVID.

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