Lil Baby Feuding With His BM for Giving Jayda Birkin Bag but Failing to Pay Son's Tuition

It all starts after Jayda takes to her social media account to show off the Birkin bag that her rapper boyfriend gives her first thing in the morning, and Ayesha isn't having it at all.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby has his priorities wrong, at least that's what his baby mama believes. Ayesha, the mother of his eldest son Jason, was left fuming after the rapper's girlfriend Jayda Cheaves took to her social media account on Friday, August 7 to show off the blue Birkin bag that she got from him first thing in the morning.

Seeing the video, Ayesha was not having it at all as she accused Lil Baby of failing to pay for their son's tuition fees. She wrote on Instagram Stories, "Due to you never paying it they took my baby off the portals so he won't receive any virtual learning programs from his school because they basically kicked him out." She added, "You get on the Internet and tell a big a** lie then show a rolex watch you bought Jason who can't even tell time but you ain't keep up with his education."

Ayesha then went on sharing some receipts that showed how Baby never gave her any more money for their son's tuition fees, but the hip-hop star was quick to hit back. In his response, the rapper accused Ayesha of never telling him about their son's school and claimed that she was just jealous she didn't get a Birkin bag and that he already sent her money this month.

"Have you text me one time about Jason school since March? Have you text me everyday about a car ??" he wrote. "Did Jason just call and say he needs clothes ? Because all his clothes at my house and you Not get him any ?"

Ayesha later responded and even brought Jayda into the topic as she said, "Jayda your boss up came from a Walgreens lawsuit from a pharmacist exposing your records that M nasty. Now sit down cause I thought we was cool sis don't make me spread you." She also accused her of stalking her and making fun of her for being a baby mama.

Hitting back at Ayesha, Jayda replied, "Girl stfu with the same false a** narratives you've been running with for 3 years now. It's TIRED. Nobody gave a f**k about you and still don't. I want better for you actually. It's sad to see you on the Internet every damn day begging for attention. Like I said BOSS UP."

She continued, "The shoe clearly fit & When it comes to my kid idc if I'm rich or poor you'll never hear me complaining bout what a n***a not doing cuz imma handle it on my end REGARDLESS."

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