Shane Dawson's Fiance Defends Him Against 'Two Faced Liar' Tati Westbrook's Accusation

The beauty guru posts on YouTube a video of her accusing both Shane and his close pal Jeffree Star of 'manipulating' her into making her infamous 'Bye, Sister' video.

AceShowbiz - Shane Dawson's name has been trending on social media lately, but it's not for a good thing. He has been accused of offensive behaviors such as sporting blackface on multiple occasions, harassing minors and pretending to masturbate in front of a poster of Willow Smith. As if it's not already bad enough, fellow YouTube star Tati Westbrook recently released a video accusing him of manipulating her.

For those who may need a reminder, Tati once became a hot topic in the media over her infamous "Bye, Sister" video, in which she made several accusations against beauty guru James Charles. In her new video, Tati revealed that both Shane and Jeffree Star were the ones who "gaslit" her into making the video.

Tati claimed that Shane and Jeffree gave her a lot of allegations against James to the point that it made her believe them. She also said that Shane even offered to help design the thumbnail and title the video, but she declined the offer. Despite that, his gesture was enough to convince her that he was telling the truth.

Somewhere else in the video, Tati revealed that the last time she ever spoke to Shane and Jeffree was the night before the latter posted his "Never Doing This Again" video which was a response to her "Bye, Sister" video. "Shortly after, the relationship dissolved entirely, and I was so confused," she said. "I bought into the conspiracy theory that what happened was all a social experiment … and that I would be the fool who fell for it."

"I can tell you this: It's now my opinion that Jeffree and Shane were both bitterly jealous of James Charles' success," Tati continued. "Jeffree resented that so much of his business was centered around his biggest rival, and Shane did not like that James Charles wanted to make a documentary. Neither of them were happy with standing in his shadow on YouTube anymore."

To conclude her video, Tati called Shane and Jeffree's actions "cowardly and defamatory" and threatened legal actions against them as well as unnamed conspirators.

It didn't take a long time for Shane to respond to Tati's video, going on Instagram Live to say, "You're so manipulative. You are fake crying. She is a f**king -- I can't, I can't, I don't want to say mean things about people." He also tweeted, "THIS IS A F**KING LIE AND IM LOSING MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!" before deleting the post right after.

Shane's fiance, Ryland Adams, has also come to his defense and labelled Tati a "two faced liar" as well as "a master class in manipulation." He added, "The only [way] to save her reputation was to side with the person she tried to ruin. Make no mistake. This 40 year old woman choose to post a video on her own accord. She riled up Shane before doing so to have one of the biggest creators backing her in the chance this all backfired." He concluded by saying, "Hope you enjoy those sold out vitamins that made you millions in minutes from shane's support you two faced liar."

In related news, YouTube confirmed on Tuesday, June 30 that it stopped allowing Shane to make money from ads on his three channels. Target also announced that it would no longer sell books written by the controversial star.

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