Shane Dawson Defended After Being Hit With Fake Death Rumors

It all starts after a Twitter account posing as news portal TMZ posts a fake news story about the disgraced YouTube star's demise, prompting the hashtag 'Ripshane' to trend on the bird app.

AceShowbiz - Following Ellen DeGeneres, Shane Dawson has become the latest celebrity to be hit with fake death rumors on social media. It all started after an account posing as news portal TMZ posted on Twitter news about the disgraced YouTuber's demise and thousands of people soon followed it up to the point that it became a trending topic on the microblogging site.

To no one's surprise, many took to this opportunity to ridicule Shane. "#Ripshane we'll miss youre unproblematic-self king. I'll be at your funeral. fly high buster. also, wanna go fishin,'?" one sarcastically said. "Now I'm not one to wish death upon people I hate, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't crack a little smile when I saw this," another responded to the fake rumors.

Some people even went all the way to create a fake reaction by Jeffree Star celebrating his friend's death. Meanwhile, an individual said in a mocking way, "He will be remembered for his beautiful works of art such as, 'TRYING MCDONALD'S DOLLAR MENU ITEMS!' " There was also someone who wrote, "If only this were true."

However, not a few also came to his defense by telling people that faking someone's death isn't a funny thing to do. "I'm an outspoken criticiser of Shane Dawson but this #ripshane tag is honestly horrible. Dislike Shane as much as you want but you should NEVER joke about or fake someone's death. Having lost people close to me it makes my blood boil at some of the jokes being made," one person said. "Y'all have to know faking someone's death isn't okay... right?" another commented.

"Everyone using this hashtag is f**king disgusting, laughing and faking someone's death is gross af and hope y'all know this s**t will get back at y'all," someone chimed in. "Y'all are f**king sick... dislike him all you want but this is disgusting. Grow up and get a f**king life," an individual wrote.

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