Sia Is Now a Grandma - Find Out What Her Grandchildren Call Her

However, the 'Cheap Thrills' singer hints that she doesn't really like the name while revealing her preferred name which is actually inspired from pal Kris Jenner.

AceShowbiz - Sia Furler has now earned another title. The "Chandelier" singer has been promoted to the title of mom and a grandmother in the span of a year after she revealed that her adopted son had just welcomed two babies of their own.

During her appearance on Zane Lowe's Apple Music show that aired on Tuesday, June 30, Sia broke the exciting news. "My youngest son just had two babies. I'm a f***ing grandma!" the 44-year-old exclaimed. "I know, right? They call me 'Nana.' "

However, Sia hinted that she didn't really like the name while revealing her preferred name which was actually inspired from pal Kris Jenner. "I'm trying to get them to call me 'Lovey,' " she said, referring to the name that the reality star's grandchildren use to call her.

This arrives a year after she revealed in May 2019 that she had adopted two 18-year-old black boys. "I'm a little bit jaded now after investigating the foster system as much as I have done in the last year, because it's completely corrupt; it's failing us," she explained to Zane during the interview. "They've been in 18 different locations in their 18 years."

The "Together" singer admitted to having a hard time at first, noting that there was a "massive rollercoaster" at home as she tried to keep them out of trouble with the law. "I'd say, 'I'm doing this because I'm your mother. I love you,' " she shared about the emotional talks she and her sons had. " 'I don't want to see you in prison. ... With your history and the color of your skin, I don't want to see you as that 5 percent that ends up in prison for life. I don't want that for you.' "

Sia also touched the topic of racial injustice in the United States, saying that she learned a lot from her boys. "I'm embarrassed that it took me to adopt two Black sons to really understand what they go through on a daily basis," she shared, sharing that she's "very scared" for her kids.

"When this reality is happening, and it's what we should be addressing more than anything else. ... We can actually act, and we can actually try and get justice for Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain, just that there's actually, we can have an effect. We don't have to just feel sad and guilt," she continued.

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