August Alsina Reacts to Joe Budden Calling Him 'Corny'

Joe ignites the beef when he jokes about the singer's alleged connection to the origin of Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Red Table Talk' in an episode of his 'The Joe Budden Podcast'.

AceShowbiz - Feud is brewing between August Alsina and Joe Budden. Joe ignited the beef when he joked about the singer's alleged connection to the origin of Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook show "Red Table Talk" in the recent episode of his "The Joe Budden Podcast", much to the dismay of the singer and his fans.

During the episode, Joe joked that "Red Table Talk" was birthed because of the singer's public conversation with the actress wife of Will Smith. While he said that he's a fan of August, Joe added that the singer was "misleading people to think that it might have been something with him and... That was corny, I didn't like that."

He also said that he only bought some of the songs of August's 27-track album "The Product III: State of Emergency". Further dissing August, Joe shared, "This is not Chris Brown where I'm just going to buy your forty songs. I'm not doing that."

His comments unsurprisingly landed him in hot water as it rubbed August's fans the wrong way. "this is for joe u big fat bald nasty smelling fat b***h why u keep talking about my fave with your triflin dirty ugly bald a** fat b***h oompa loompa body a** b***h," one fan ranted.

In response to that, August wrote, "yal be nice... but uhh tag him so I know it's real." Another fan added, "What we are forgetting here is that, so far as the artist is giving us music, what he or she does in his/her personal life is not our business," to which August replied, "Whew! A word!"

August went on to say in another post, "But.. how I'm messy as person, when he don't know me personally? Never met the man in person, ever! I'm perplexed."

Noticing the criticism, Joe tweeted on Monday, June 29, "I'm seeing that i may be in some August smoke over my commentary… not sure how cuz all I've been playing since Friday is August s**t, but y'all have fun, i know the game lol." August reacted to the tweet and assured him, "S'all good. We love you Joe!"

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