Iskra Lawrence Gets Real About 'Searing Pain' She Endured During At-Home Water Birth

Two months after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne, the British model offers other expectant mums advice on what to expect if the delivery doesn't go to plan.

AceShowbiz - British model Iskra Lawrence almost lost the will to live as she experienced "searing pain" during her son's at-home water birth.

The 29-year-old took to her Youtube channel to detail her experience of welcoming her son with boyfriend Philip Payne two months ago, while offering other expectant mums advice on what to expect if the delivery doesn't go to plan.

"It's all going to be fine," she shared in the footage on Tuesday, June 23. "Over-worrying and over-stressing is not going to help anyone. Make sure you find the right (midwife)."

But she made it clear that at-home water births aren't always pleasant experiences - she "nearly tapped out" because of the pain she felt as she gave birth.

"They have to push on your stomach to get the excess blood out," she explained. "After you've just gone through all of that, then five times both the midwives are pressing down on my stomach and this blood was just gushing out. (But) it's not the focus. Anything could have been happening and you don't care, you're just like, 'Wow'."

The star also posted images of herself and Payne on the day of the birth, including a shot of her in an inflatable pool inside her home.

"I'm excited to finally share the best day of our lives and our greatest achievement," she captioned the slideshow. "I wasn't sure how much I'd want to share, and I actually wasn't even aware how much footage and pics my family got as I was 1. Locked in trying to push 2. So excited to meet bubba and 3. In the most intense pain of my entire life."

Iskra and Payne announced the birth of their first child in April, with Lawrence revealing her newborn had to be resuscitated and was saved by her midwife.

"After 24 hours of unmedicated active labour and 2.5 hours of transition our midwife saved your life by resuscitation," she posted on Instagram. "You truly are our miracle and I will be grateful every single day for you. Your story is just beginning. I can't even imagine the impact you'll have in this world and the dreams you will create."

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