Beyonce's Mom Tina Knowles Called Out Over Her 'Ignorance' After Criticizing Blackout Tuesday

The fashion designer supports Anthony Anderson's statement which dubs Blackout Tuesday 'a historical mistake,' apparently not understanding the real purpose of the action.

AceShowbiz - While Beyonce Knowles has shown her support for Black Lives Matter movement, her mother Tina Knowles is apparently not getting thorough comprehension of all things related to the issue. As a result, the fashion designer has landed in hot water after speaking out against Blackout Tuesday.

On June 2, the day when the action was taking place, the 66-year-old reposted Anthony Anderson's statement in which he said, "Blacking out your screen and not posting for a day is a historical mistake. During the Apartheid in South Africa they cut off radio communications to stop the uprisings in different parts of the country. So in a ploy to slow down US tensions they use the groupthink model and tell us to blackout."

Agreeing with the "Black-ish" actor, Tina added in the caption, "I agree that there is power in us to agree there should be no frivolous posting !! Just info to further the cause today Just about voting." She went on quoting Anthony's caption, "I respect your decision to have a blackout please respect mine to continue to speak out! Protest! Vote! Be heard! Be seen! Make change!Share information! Those who we are fighting against us and change aren't having a blackout, they are strategizing and mobilizing!"

Though Tina and Anthony were not completely wrong, they apparently didn't get enough information beforehand about the real purpose of Blackout Tuesday. While some people supported the action by posting a plain black picture on their social media page, the action actually called for people to use their platforms to spread news that's only related to Black Lives Matter movement for a day and stop sharing other unrelated contents.

People quickly took to the comment section of Tina's post to tell her which part she didn't get it about Blackout Tuesday. "The blackout isn't turning off social media- it's not posting frivolous pics of meals or thirst traps," one person explained. "And for non black. Allies to make space for black voices. A lot are using the blackout hashtag to show people ways to donate, vote, and help. I think the purpose was lost in translation."

"I thought it meant to blackout personal posts and ONLY spread #BlackLivesMatter awareness," another pointed out. A third person similarly told Tina, "It's not about not posting for a day it's about stopping self promotion and sharing only about black lives matter. You misunderstood the movement."

Some others slammed the mother of Solange Knowles for not educating herself enough about the action. "People are So LOUD and So Wrong not even know what the damn blackout is for .. spreading false information.. I respect my elders but Ms. Tina needs to delete this, cause it's ignorant," one of them criticized Tina.

Another called her out, "Ms.Tina it's time to log out baby bc you don't know what you talking bout the message behind the movement flew over a lot of y'all heads smh. The ignorance." Someone else blasted her, "Yo stop following these so called celebrities. They literally are uneducated and cannot take time to read on why we are doing the blackout hashtag movement. Y'all be safe."

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