Dubbing herself as 'The Greatest Showman' star's fan, the 'Bad Education' actress recalls having so much fun being able to shove a sandwich into his mouth when filming their first scene together.

AceShowbiz - Allison Janney can't wait for the Hollywood lockdown to end so she can fish for other projects with her new crush Hugh Jackman.

The two stars teamed up for HBO movie "Bad Education" and Oscar winner Janney admits Jackman shot to the top of her list of castmates she would like to work with again.

"I've been a fan of his forever and to finally get to work with Hugh in this way was a pretty exciting moment in my career," the actress explains. "I think Pam (her character) had a little crush on Frank (Hugh's character) and Allison had a little crush on Hugh Jackman!"

"He's fun to flirt with. I had so much fun working with Hugh. He was incredibly playful and let me shove the sandwich into his mouth in our first scene together, which was an improv moment. I just knew just from him being from the theater that he would be great to work with."

"I hope I get to work with him many more times. I just hope Broadway re-opens, because I want to see him in 'The Music Man' so badly!"

Meanwhile, Janney revealed in a recent SAG Foundation Conversations interview she had to buy her parents HBO, so they could watch their daughter in "Bad Education", which is based on a New York magazine article about a Long Island public school embezzlement scandal.

"We had to get my parents HBO because they didn't have it... and we watched it (film) together and it was amazing to get to watch it with them," Janney explained. "We were really thrilled that it went with HBO and had no idea how much we would, in this time, be glad that it would be streamed because of course no one can go to movie theaters during this COVID crisis that we are all going through with and living through together."

"I'm actually wearing my mother's pyjamas. I'm wearing my mom's lipstick from Maybelline 1970-something, because I didn't bring any make-up with me. I thought I was going to be here for five days and I'm here for eight weeks now."

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