Liam Payne Shares 'Freaky' Ghost Experience in New House

The One Direction singer is determined to hunt down ghosts and capture them on camera after having a creepy paranormal experience at his new home in London.

AceShowbiz - Liam Payne is determined to capture footage of apparent ghosts that are making themselves known to him in his new London flat.

The former One Direction star revealed his new project on his YouTube channel, explaining he was woken up by a banging in the middle of the night, and now has his mind set on showing that there's something going on in his flat

The singer, 26, said, "I was in bed the other night and there was a bang. I tried to do the whole Ghost Adventures recording thing. I'm sat in my room going, 'Is anybody there? Did you just make that knock?' "

"Then the wardrobe light in my room came on and the door of the wardrobe was closed, so something had to move," he added. "It was a freaky moment for sure."

The "Strip That Down" star went on to share he was going to try and film a ghost to prove there's something going on, telling viewers, "I'm going to do a video of something, investigating, to see if I can find something because I like this stuff... It scares the c**p out of me, don't get me wrong, but it's fun."

Liam is currently self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic in London, and recently confessed he's "dying" to be reunited with son Bear, as the tot is elsewhere with mum Cheryl.

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