Aaron Carter Feels 'Upset and Taken Advantage of' as He Questions Paternity of Ex's Baby

The 'Fool's Gold' star says the baby carried by his pregnant former girlfriend Melanie Martin might not be his as he hints at her infidelity in a new interview.

AceShowbiz - Aaron Carter has hinted he's not sure whether or not he's the father of his pregnant ex-girlfriend's baby.

The 32-year-old singer announced in an Instagram Live session last month, April 2020 that he was to become a first-time father, as his on-off partner Melanie Martin was pregnant.

But in an interview on podcast "Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn", Aaron appeared to raise questions as to the unborn baby's paternity.

Asked if he's excited about fatherhood, Aaron replied, "Yeah of course. If that's the actual situation. We'll see."

When the hosts then asked if he's worried about the baby's paternity, the musician replied, "What do you think? Well, that answer should give you an inkling."

Aaron also seemed to confirm that he and Melanie were no longer together, adding, "The definition of insanity. Am I upset? Of course. Do I feel taken advantage of? Of course. I felt like I was with someone that didn't look me in my eyes."

Insisting that she "wasn't organic," Aaron also claimed Melanie did "things behind my back she shouldn't have been doing, making promises she couldn't keep."

Elsewhere in the interview, Aaron was asked why he'd made the decision to have a giant tattoo of Melanie's name on his face.

"That says 'mistake," that's not Melanie," he joked.

Melanie was arrested in March on suspicion of felony domestic violence following an alleged altercation at Aaron's California home.

After the arrest, Aaron tweeted his side of the story as he stated that the incident began when he tried to break it off with her after allegedly finding out she'd been unfaithful.

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