Lea Michele Forced to Check on Dad via FaceTime Due to Coronavirus Lockdown

During an interview with StyleCaster, the former 'Glee' star reveals that his father didn't manage to leave East Coast and get home before the lockdown travel restrictions were imposed.

AceShowbiz - Lea Michele has been FaceTiming her dad twice a day while he's in lockdown away from her on the U.S. East Coast.

The former "Glee" star has been self-isolating alongside her husband Zandy Reich and her mother, but revealed during an interview with StyleCaster that her father didn't manage to get home before the lockdown travel restrictions were imposed in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.

"It's really hard right now because my father's on the East Coast, so me and my mom are making sure to FaceTime at least twice a day to check in with him," she said.

But Lea admitted there have also been benefits to being in lockdown - namely reconnecting with her nearest and dearest more than her busy schedule usually allows.

"I think what we're going through right now is absolutely horrific, but I have found that I'm connecting with friends more than I maybe ever have," she explained. "We spend so much time with very brief text messages that really don't have a lot of depth, and I think being where we are right now is such an opportunity for us to connect on a deeper level by speaking over the phone, which I don't think people have done in a very long time."

"Now, these conversations aren't just gossiping or sort of surface level. It's, 'How's your family? How are you feeling? How are your emotions? How's your stress?'"

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