Instagram Honcho Explains Why It Blocks Tory Lanez's 'Quarantine Radio'

Tory previously shared a screenshot of warning that he reveiced from the photo-sharing site when he was about to go on Instagram Live, writing in the caption, 'THEY DIDNT WANT ME TO WIN DAMN B.'

AceShowbiz - Tory Lanez recently announced he couldn't return with a new episode of "Quarantine Radio" until April 14 because Instagram allegedly blocked him from doing Instagram Live for some reason. Now, the head of the photo-sharing site has addressed the allegations, explaining decisions of the company to pull the plug on the show.

Speaking to The Shade Room in an Instagram Live interview, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri shared on Wednesday, April 8, " 'Quarantine Radio' is great, so shout out to Tory Lanez for that." He continued, "The lives have been great, the lives with the fans have been great."

In the comment section, the Canadian rapper chimed in, "I JUST WANNA BE FREE ADAM." Adam didn't seem to notice as he went on explaining, "But you can't have nudity on Instagram. That's part of our community guidelines, it's part of the rules and we can't make exceptions."

"And on a couple of those lives, on two accounts, there was nudity so we had to stop the live. There's a short period of time where you can't go live again. We have to stick to the rules otherwise why do we have them?" he continued. "But generally, big fan of Tory Lanez, big fan of Quarantine Radio. I hope it comes back soon, but no nudity! We can't have that."

Tory wasn't satisfied with the answer. "THAT'S CAP," he alleged in another comment. "Cmooooooon MAAAAAYNE."

Tory shared on Tuesday, April 7 a screenshot of warning that he reveiced from the photo-sharing site when he was about to go on Instagram Live. "Based on previous use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. This block will expire on 2020-04-14. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake," read the warning.

"350K I can't go on right now they won't let me. .... THEY DIDNT WANT ME TO WIN DAMN B," so Tory captioned the snap. He added in the comment section, "THAT GUMMY BEAR WAS TOO MUCH I GUESS," referring to a fan who deep-throated the world's largest gummy bear on his previous Instagram Live.

The "Jerry Sprunger" spitter followed it up with a slew of photos of him sporting an orange jumpsuit in a place that looked like a prison. "THIS IS ME CURRENTLY .... even if I wanted to ..... I won't be back on quarantine radio till the 14th," he said. "EVERYBODY HASHTAG #FreeTory SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE MAN !!!! lmao Instagram stop hating . We can be friends man."

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