Matthew Broderick's Sister 'Feels Evil' for 'Getting Preferential Treatment' When Battling COVID-19

Janet Broderick, a pastor at All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, admits that doctors treated her differently when they found out she was related to the husband of Sarah Jessica Parker.

AceShowbiz - Doctors treating Matthew Broderick's sister Janet Broderick for coronavirus treated her differently when they found out she was related to the Broadway star, the pastor has claimed.

Janet was hospitalised last month after falling ill with the Covid-19 virus. While she's now back home after recovering from the illness, she opened up about her experience in an interview with New York magazine, admitting that, while her doctor didn't know or care about her famous brother, things changed when she went to the emergency room in Beverly Hills.

"As soon as I got ahold of the guy at the hospital who knew who Matthew was, I was given the name of the head of the emergency room," she said. "Well, trust me, the folks I've spent my lifetime working within Jersey City would never have been given the name of the head of the emergency room. If they were, it would have been disregarded."

Asked if she thought she was given preferential treatment for being the sister of the famous actor, Janet replied: "Yes, but I feel evil for saying that."

"I think I'm absolute living proof that this system is completely corrupt," she added.

Janet is now hoping that the health crisis "causes us to take some kind of look at how we are handling medicine in this country."

Reflecting on her symptoms with the virus, Janet explained that she began feeling ill in early March, when she started getting aches and pains, and swollen glands. When she developed a dry cough and "fogginess", she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia, while also being given a coronavirus test that would later come back positive.

At the height of her battle with the disease, Janet was given a breathing tube and her temperature reached a staggering 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

"I was very, very sick," she said. "I could tell I was actually in big trouble."

Janet credits her recovery to her faith and the amount of prayers she received from her parish and nearest and dearest, adding: "That's the thing about being in a community like the church, just being part of a whole and knowing that you are connected. It seems to be very healthy, truly healthy."

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