Jim Edmonds Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Doesn't Take It Lightly Despite Being 'Symptom-Free'

The former St. Louis Cardinals player urges everyone not to 'take this lighlty,' adding, 'If you don't feel good, go to the doctor or go to the emergency room if you can't breathe.'

AceShowbiz - Jim Edmonds is the latest celebrity who contracts Coronavirus. The retired Major League Baseball center fielder confirmed on Instagram Stories on Wednesday night, April 1 that he tested positive for the virus after being hospitalized four days ago.

"I appreciated everyone who has said well wishes," the 49-year-old said in an video. "I did test positive for pneumonia and I did get a test back positive for the virus."

While he admitted himself to hospital for symptomps he believed to be related to coronavirus, the ex-husband of Meghan King Edmonds revealed he's been symptom-free since Wednesday. "I am completely symptom-free now doing really well, so I must have had it for awhile before I got tested," he shared.

The former St. Louis Cardinals player continued, "Thank god I quarantined myself and listened to what everyone said and kept our curve in our house flattened. I'm doing really good and happy to be symptom-free and feeling great."

Despite that, he urged everyone not to "take this lighlty. If you don't feel good, go to the doctor or go to the emergency room if you can't breathe. That's what happened to me, they didn't want to test me and I forced them to take me into the emergency room and low and behold, pneumonia and the virus."

"So don't take it lightly. Take care of yourselves. There's no medicine, there's no nothing but rest and that's all I've been doing," he added. Concluding his video, Jim thanked everyone "who has said well-wishes and wished me the best. All of you people, thank you so much again. Hope you all are doing well."

This arrives after Jim accused Meghan of taking their kids to California without telling him. A rep for Meghan, however, insisted to the site on Sunday, March 29 that the 35-year-old star had legal approval to take the kids to California from Missouri on "a preapproved trip, signed off on by the guardian ad litem."

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