Brielle Biermann Slammed for Trying to Look Darker and Older

Many Instagram users criticize the daughter of Kim Zolciak-Biermann after she shares a sexy picture that features her with tanned skin and rocking a very revealing dress.

AceShowbiz - Having recently wowed her fans with her hair makeover, Brielle Biermann got mixed reactions with her latest sexy looks. The reality TV star, who just turned 23 years old on last Tuesday, February 25, shared a new racy photo on her Instagram account on Friday.

The brunette beauty rocked a very revealing dress with a daring neckline, giving a generous display of her ample cleavage. A tan lover, she appears to have got her latest dose of spray tan as her skin looks darker than usual.

While some of her followers gushed about her "stunning" look in the comment section, not a few criticized her for going overboard with her racy outfit and darker skin. "Just a another cheap look," one slammed her.

Some people took issue with her darker skin, accusing the "Don't Be Tardy..." star of trying to look exotic. "White girls wanna be errything except white.. but w.e.," one wrote. Another similarly commented, "Can white women atleast try to look white? What's up with this 'I want to look exotic ' look?"

Others claimed Brielle tried to look much older than her age. "She wanna look 35 while her momma tryin to look 20," one remarked. Another advised her, "She needs to enjoy her youth." Someone else blamed her dress for her older appearance, "I don't know .. the outfits seem to age you."

There were also some trolls who accused Brielle of getting plastic surgery. "I'm tired of plastics bro. Forgot what real women looked like," one complained. Another added, "Please girl slow down with all the surgery. You were and are a natural beauty. You’re so young and if you alter your face and body so young it's bc your likely trying to fill a void. Please see your beauty and quit before your plastic and still unhappy."

But Brielle's real fans have come to her defense, responding to the haters, "She's beautiful and anyone saying she looks 40+ is crazy jealous." Another similarly clapped back, "What's up with these jealous, basic looking females in these comments?!"

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