Brielle Biermann Warns Fans Not to Get Their Lips 'Overfilled'

The daughter of Kim Zolciak sends an important to her social media followers by posting on Instagram a before-and-after photo of her pout.

AceShowbiz - Brielle Biermann has an important message for fans. Sharing a before-and-after photo of her pout on Instagram, the daughter of Kim Zolciak warned her followers not to get their lips "overfilled."

Alongside the snap, which was shared on Instagram on Friday, June 16, the 26-year-old wrote, "Bit of a personal post. All I'm gonna say is if you start to get lip filler… Go to someone who will tell you no." She continued, "At that time in my life (on the left) I had too many chefs in the kitchen."

"I went to too many injectors, none of which would tell me no! I would be injected, get used to the new size of my lips, and then think I needed more," she added. "I still love some filler but listen to someone who went through it… Do not get overfilled!"

The candid post arrived more than a year after Brielle underwent double jaw surgery. When opening up about the procedure in September 2021, she shared shocking pictures of herself in the hospital and videos that showed her having bruised and swollen cheeks.

"Sooooo… i had double jaw surgery on august 23 to correct my tmj & 9 mm overjet overbite. this was NOT for aesthetics but for quality of life," she explained in the caption. "I sucked my thumb til i was 9 ishhh which made the roof of my mouth suuuuuper narrow and my excessive overbite cause my teeth to have no contact whatsoever."

The former star of "Don't Be Tardy..." went on to share how she felt after the surgery, "I already feel more aligned and can breathe way better, especially at night when i would snore and have to breathe thru my mouth." At the time, she also said that she had lost 13 pounds as she can only eat liquid food.

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