Gervonta Davis Speaks Out After Arrested for Assaulting His Baby Mama

The 25-year-old professional boxer says he's 'learning' after he was taken into police custody and charged with domestic violence for roughing up the mother of his son.

AceShowbiz - Gervonta Davis broke his silence after he turned himself in to police for allegedly hitting his baby mama Andretta "Dretta" Smothers. The professional boxer didn't seem to show any remorse before his arrest, but he has since regretted his action.

The 25-year-old WBA champion took to his Instagram Story to speak out. "Be careful with the decision you mistaken can mess up everything..I'm learning," so he told his online devotees amid his legal woes.

Gervonta was wanted by police after he was seen manhandling the mother of his son during the Super Bowl weekend at the Watsco Center in Miami. He grabbed her by the collar and hauled her off the chair before forcefully dragging her out with two men following him.

In a surveillance video, he was seen "pulling his arm back and then forward towards the victim, which is consistent with a strike to the face where the victim sustained injuries to her lip and left jaw." He was charged with simple battery domestic violence.

"I never once hit her, yea I was aggressive and told her come on…," he initially denied the accusations after the video went viral. "That's the mother of my child I would never hurt her other than that happy New Years.. January was trash."

It's unclear what exactly set Gervonta off. Rumor has it, he was supposed to host at another pre-Super Bowl event but it was canceled due to bad weather, and when he pulled up at the Watsco and saw Dretta get friendly with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s team, he snapped.

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