A former federal prosecutor claims there are fake photos of Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose on rower, suggesting they were aware and willingly participate in the crime.

AceShowbiz - After saying that Lori Loughlin's daughters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose may also face charges in the college admissions scandal, former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani supports her earlier statement by saying that there's evidence that may implicate the two young girls. The legal expert claims that there are fake photos of Olivia and Isabella on rowers, suggesting they were aware of the conspiracy and willingly participate in it.

"Evidence seems to show that Loughlin and [Mossimo] Giannulli's daughters were aware of the fraudulent conspiracy, participated in it willingly, and acted to advance the conspiracy," Neama tells SheKnows. "If the parents go to trial, they also leave their children open to criminal liability charges."

Detailing the alleged evidence, Neama adds, "There are fake photos of [Olivia Jade and Isabella] on rowers. They submitted fake applications to USC...they can't argue it was all mom and dad. They are involved."

According to Neama, by pleading not guilty, Lori and her husband Mossimo put their daughters at risk of facing charges. "When Felicity Huffman pled guilty, she took full responsibility for her actions and apologized to her daughter, husband, family, and educational community," she explains, adding that this apology made it clear Felicity's daughter had been unaware of her mother's actions. "If Lori and her husband would come forward, assuming responsibility, it might protect their daughters from being prosecuted."

Speculating on Lori's possible argument in front of the jury, Neama shares, "I expect their attorneys to argue that they too were victimized by Rick Singer, because they thought they were making legitimate donations to USC. That may be a tough argument for the jury to believe, however, especially when there is evidence that Loughlin and Giannulli doctored photos and helped their daughters submit fraudulent admissions applications."

Neama previously told PEOPLE, "At a minimum the daughters will be witnesses in a trial against their parents, but they could also be charged as defendants." She added, "The government has made it clear that they are going to keep increasing pressure on both Lori and Mossimo. By not pleading, Lori and Mossimo are exposing their children to being charged."

A source, however, claimed that Lori and Mossimo would not put their daughters at such risk. "If Lori had any indication that the girls were at risk, she'd want to plead guilty - even though she believes that she did nothing wrong. She is not going to let them spend time in jail for something that they didn't do," the source argued. "Lori is a fantastic mother who would take the fall for the girls even if it cost her everything."

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