Sharon Osbourne 'Can Hardly Feel' Her Mouth After Years of Plastic Surgeries

The Osbourne matriarch opens up to Kelly Clarkson in a new television interview that years of having various plastic surgeries has left her mouth numb.

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne can "hardly feel" her mouth after years of undergoing various plastic surgery procedures.

The 67-year-old music manager and wife of Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne has never made a secret of her love of going under the knife, and has been very public about the tweaks she's had over the years.

But in an interview on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Tuesday, October 22, Sharon admitted the operations have had a lasting effect on her.

Speaking about her fears prior to having surgery, "The Talk" co-host explained: "You could wake up and look like never know. I had this thing where they lifted up my mouth. For the first week, I couldn't feel my mouth…"

"I can hardly feel my mouth now, to be honest with you. I couldn't find my mouth! It goes numb…it was up at one side, I looked like Elvis. And all the kids and Ozzy were going, 'Why are you snarling at me?' And I was like, 'I'm not snarling! It's just going like this (up at one side).' "

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