'90 Day Fiance' Stars Laura and Aladin Jallali Confirm Split After Non-Stop Fight

The 51-year-old reality TV star and the 29-year-old personal trainer take to their respective Instagram account to announce that they're no longer together following their 'Tell All' reunion.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance: The Other Way" stars Laura and Aladin Jallali have split, following their reunion in the "Tell All" special which aired on Tuesday, October 22. In the reunion show which reportedly was filmed after they tied the knot in Qatar, the pair revealed they had been fighting non-stop.

Aladin said he wanted a divorce as he had enough of what he called her disrespectful behavior. Laura clapped back at him, claiming that his sudden change of behavior was because her pension was cut and her money was running out.

Toward the end of reunion show, however, they agreed that they'd consider marriage counseling to work out their issues. "I want to fight for my marriage," Laura tearfully said in the special. "I love Aladin and I thought he truly loved me...I don't know what's happened to him." She added during the filming, "I truly believed and trusted him. I felt that our love was really real, but I don't know. I just don't know. I really thought he loved me. I really, really did."

But it apparently didn't work. Promoting the "Tell All" special, Laura said in a video posted on Monday, "Let's be honest, OK, I lost my marriage due to this show, however what I have lost in a husband I have gained so many amazing, wonderful friends and I was able to work with a really fantastic cast. So, I lost something, but I have gained a lot." She added, "I so much appreciate your support and being with me and understanding and cheering me own all the time."

Aladin, who has never shared any posts about Laura on his own page, confirmed their split during a Q&A with fans. Asked if he was still with Laura, the personal trainer replied, "No. Definitely not. But I wish her no harm and wish her good luck with her future men."

Laura previously slammed her estranged husband, accusing him of being gay. In leaked text messages with her friend, the 51-year-old wrote, "I think he rather have a man," and that Aladin "likes men much better." She claimed she "only" had anal sex with the 29-year-old, and that he "hates women's vaginas."

She also accused him of having sex with men at the gym where he works. "He told me men in his work have sex in the shower," she noted. "And guess who always had a shower at work even though our home was 20 ft away."

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