Steve Harvey's Wife Marjorie Ditches Wedding Ring in Recent Pics - Are They Divorcing?

Some haters call it a 'karma' for Steve for what he did to his second wife, while others are not surprised if Marjorie is leaving the 'Family Feud' host when he stops giving her money.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey and Marjorie have been hit with new split rumors, months after they debunked a similar story. The wife of the television host sparked the speculation after she's spotted not wearing her wedding ring for quite a while now.

Marjorie ditched her wedding ring in her recent Instagram photos, including those that showed her supporting her friend who was diagnosed with cancer at the hospital. Her latest photos also featured her bare ring finger when she went on a hike.

Adding fuel to the speculation, Marjorie has not posted a picture with Steve since their month-long vacation to celebrate her 55th birthday. During their trip, the pair spent three weeks in the Mediterranean before visiting Africa.

While neither Steve nor Marjorie has addressed the split rumors, people have weighed in on the reports. Some people appear to be not surprised if the rumors are true, calling it a "karma" for the "Family Feud" host, who was accused of cheating on his second wife Mary Shackelford with Marjorie.

"That's karma for the way he did his second wife," one commented on YouTube. Another similarly wrote, "That's what he gets for doing his last wife dirty. Ya big ol dummy!"

Others think Marjorie could be leaving Steve because he's making less money now, shading Marjorie as a gold digger. "WOW WHEN THE CHECKS STOPPED THE MARRIAGE STOPPED," one suggested. Another claimed, "He should of knew after those shows was canceled he was canceled."

Other haters wrote comments like, "Who didn't see this coming! She definitely has a type, Them 3 look like they could be brothers, Oh wait, 2 of them are cousins!", "We knew it was coming she smooth played steve harvey now shes going after the bag," and "steve that's what u get u had no Business Marrying that Gold Digger Now She Gonna Make U Pay Sorry 4 U."

There are others who don't believe the split rumors, though, thinking that Marjorie still needs Steve or it's just a publicity stunt. "Marjorie ain't going anywhere. She loves prestige just as much as money. Steve is the reason she's able to get through them doors & invites. She'll be able to get through some without him, but the major ones," one argued.

"I don't believe Marjorie would leave unless she found someone richer than Steve Harvey," another shared. Echoing the comment, someone else said, "Without Steve Marjorie is a nobody so she aint going nowhere." Another added, "I don't believe that they're divorcing. I think it's another one of their publicity stunts to stay relevant."

The latest split rumors come a month after Steve defended Marjorie after people accused her of being a gold digger and spending all of his money on their lavish vacation. "Truth is...I love her and she loves me, thats a fact," he clapped back to the haters, "you know 2people really can be in love .... it really is possible."

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