Pastor Responds After T.I. Claims He Was 'Exploited' at Kanye West's Sunday Service
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The rapper and actor recalls his appearance at the weekly service in the latest episode of his podcast series, 'When we sat down there was a whole new agenda.'

AceShowbiz - Every celebrities who attends Kanye West's Sunday Service so far has always been leaving nothing but positive comments, but T.I. is not one of them. Instead of feeling healed during the service, the rapper and actor claimed in the latest episode of his podcast series "ExpediTIously" that he was "exploited" when he showed up to the service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Revealing to guest Killer Mike that he had to drive for 45 minutes to get to the church, Tip said, "As soon as I sat down mind you, I'm telling you they had already raised the offering. [The pastor] had already raised the offering -- when we sat down there was a whole new agenda." The "No Mediocre" rapper then noted, "It's like they rung the red bell at the Player's Club... You ain't [about to] run no game on me. I will not be extorted."

Tip also shared on his Instagram account a photo of him during the service. Judging by his expression in the photo, it's clear that he wasn't impressed with what he heard on the stage. On the other hand, Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle could be seen looking down. 2 Chainz and wife Kesha Ward also attended the service, sitting next to Tip and Tiny.

"Yeaaaahhh Maaaan We MUST discuss what caused this look on my face in Sunday Service," he said in the caption of the post.

Pastor Bryant caught wind of Tip's comment and was quick to offer a lengthy response, assuring him that he's more interested in the "Ant-Man and the Wasp" star's life than his money. He also clarified that he didn't intend to grab his money during the service. "[We were] invited months ago with no knowledge [Kanye West] was coming or either of you. So there was NO money grab intention but part of internal strategy to mobilize our church community towards economic independence," he said.

"As black men I hope we can come together 'expeditiously' to find common ground to build," he continued. "I want to invite both of you to come and give church another chance. I promise you I'm more interested in your life than your life savings!"

Tip has responded to the pastor, telling him that he was open to his offer. "Our views may differ on some matters, but we are both aligned and move in unison on behalf of our people. So yes of course we can come together," he wrote. "I never considered us separated or torn apart. I'm always willing to sit and fellowship with you or anybody else who institute change & make significant steps toward progress for our people."

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