Stephen and Ayesha Curry's 1-Year-Old Son Adorably Slams Their Haters in New Video

Canon Curry's cute clapback prompts the 30-year-old restaurateur to write in the caption, 'He get it from his daddy,' while the basketball player writes, 'Tell em young wolf!'

AceShowbiz - Even Ayesha and Stephen Curry (II)'s son apparently has had enough of haters criticizing his parents from time to time. The 30-year-old restaurateur shared on Instagram on Wednesday, August 21 a video of her 1-year-old child Canon Curry sending a cute yet fierce message to the haters.

In the video, Canon could be seen enthusiastically saying, "Bye," to the camera while sitting on a grass field, after he was asked, "What do we say to the haters?" Ayesha wrote in the caption of the post, "I asked Canon what you say to all the haters. He get it from his daddy. I love my boyssss!!!!" Stephen added in the comment section, "Tell em young wolf! Ok byeeeeee."

Her followers were also loving the cute clapback. One raved, "I love this for some many reasons!!!" Another gushed over Canon's cuteness, "I would squeeze his cheeks. So cute!" Olivia Munn also jumped into the comment section, simply writing, "Lolol," along with several blue hearts emoji.

Canon is Stephen and Ayesha's third child. The couple is also parents to Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4.

Stephen and Ayesha are no strangers to being criticized over their relationship. She previously faced backlash for lamenting the lack of male attention she receives and comparing it to how her basketball player husband still receives a lot of loves from female fans. Ayesha also landed in hot water after a video of performing the "Milly Rock" dance went viral, with people urging her to "stop looking for attention on social media and acceptance from the public."

Despite all the criticism they've been getting, Stephen and Ayesha are still going strong. The couple recently celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary. Marking their milestone, the two took to social media to post photos of them together along with gushing messages to each other.

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