During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show', the 'Drunk Parents' actor tells host Jimmy Fallon about the time he chased a snake around his home with an axe while his wife waved training katana.

AceShowbiz - Joe Manganiello spent America's Independence Day weekend chasing snakes around his home, while his wife Sofia Vergara watched on in horror.

The actor took to the street with axe as the reptiles invaded his property from his neighbour's garden.

Appearing on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday (July 18), Joe explained, "We had some issues heading into Fourth of July at my house. We had some snake problems... There were snakes coming in from my neighbour's yard, like big, big snakes..., coloured like rattlesnakes."

"I pull into my driveway in my truck and I see a huge one going across my driveway... I go running in the house and I have a lot of machetes and tomahawks and katanas from all the movies I've done...," he adds. "I grab this tomahawk and pulled the cover off. I go running through the house and my wife sees me running outside with an axe. She starts screaming, 'What's happening...?'"

"I go running out and she comes running out after me in her bathrobe and sees me going after the snake. She starts screaming, 'No! It's too short'. She disappears back into the house and comes back out with one of my training katanas (Japanese sword)... It's a training sword so it's not a real katana. I'm like, 'That's not sharp enough!'"

As Joe continued to play hero by trying to chase the snakes back into his neighbour's yard, Sofia stood in the middle of the street, screaming and waving a sword in the air.

The actor explained he managed to kill the biggest problem snake just before his brother arrived with his daughters for a Fourth of July party.

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