'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Upset With Rehab Rumors, Quits Instagram

The reality TV star deactivates her account after clarifying through Instagram Stories that she checks into 'a women’s wellness retreat' instead of rehab.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Martson has denied that she's in rehab. The "90 Day Fiance" star has set things straight after it was reported that she checked into inpatient treatment to focus on her mental health amid her divorce from Jay Smith.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, June 18 to put an end to the swirling rumors, insisting that she's actually at a women's wellness retreat for her health and well-being. "It's a women's wellness retreat," she wrote.

Seemingly upset by the false reports, the reality TV star addressed a message to media, "If you all could stop reporting I'm in rehab, that would be great." She went on sharing, "I'm away for five days before cruising with my family."

Soon after posting the clarification, Ashley deactivated her Instagram account for an unknown reason. Sources previously said that Ashley had been "dealing with backlash from fans over social media," so it's possible that she wants to stay away from the negativity during her treatment.

Ashley was recently accused of breaking into Jay's house by throwing a fire extinguisher through a window. Speaking to blogger John Yates on Instagram Live, Ashley claimed she came to the house to retrieve her belongings, which Jay allegedly stole from her house when he had moved out while she was in Texas. Ashley claimed Jay took with him a safe and her son's brand new PlayStation.

When she came, Ashley said Jay refused to open the door and she'd heard Jay call her a "b***h" or a "h*e." She admitted that she broke the window using a fire extinguisher. "It's technically my house too," she explained to In Touch. "We're married, so if I have to break a window to get my and my family's personal belongings, then I will. He told me to come there with a house full of girls to get the belongings, then when I got there he refused to let me in and was screaming profanities at me through the door."

Ashley claimed Jay set her up. "He is trying to provoke me to act out so he [can] stay in the country under mental or physical abuse," so she argued.

The fire extinguisher hit the head of Jay's friend. Jay was having some girls and friends over in the house when the incident happened. On Jay's account, he said he didn't try to provoke Ashley. His friend who got hit called the police first, and Jay believes that Ashley was going to be charged anyway.

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