'90 Day Fiance' Stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Give Their Rocky Romance Another Try

The on-and-off couple, who was officially divorced in November 2019, has gotten back together and reportedly planned to self-quarantine together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Ashley Martson and Jay Smith's love saga is not over yet after multiple breakups and makeups. The "90 Day Fiance" stars, who finalized their divorce last year after a nasty and public split, have been back together.

The couple sparked the reconciliation rumors as Jay posted a TikTok video he filmed with Ashley on his Instagram page over the weekend. In the clip, the Jamaican tattoo artist is seen lip-syncing before Ashley arrives on screen, and he kisses her on the cheek.

Jay then confirmed that they're back together as he responded to fans' inquires about the status of their relationship on Instagram Stories. "Did you guys decide to fight for your marriage," one person asked to which he responded, "We been fighting from day uno."

The reality TV star also claimed that they've "been married," while Ashley has changed the name on her Instagram account to Ashley Smith.

A source tells E! News that the pair's reconciliation happened recently. "They are back together and they are trying to make it work out," shared the so-called insider. "[Ashley] wasn't happy without [Jay]. She is trying to make it work, and he is manning up about his behavior more."

The source adds that the reunited pair plan to practice social distancing together amid the coronavirus pandemic. "They rekindled things over the last week or so and they are planning on staying together through the quarantine," so the source dishes.

Knowing the history of their rocky relationship, some people slammed their decision to get back together. "Wtf?!?! You guys won't learn," one responded to the news of the couple's reconciliation.

Another added, "I'm so confused. Y'all toxic on/off relationship." A baffled fan asked, "She talked all that s**t and did all that crying, and for what? To turn around and be back with him?"

A reddit user additionally accused Ashley of using their relationship for money and publicity, "She's trying to catch a whiff of that TLC check and publicity. Jay can do whatever he wants and still get her back whenever he wants."

To give a brief breakdown of Ashley and Jay's relationship, the two tied the knot in Las Vegas in April 2018 after meeting during her vacation in Jamaica. She first filed for divorce in January 2019, but got back together after she was hospitalized. Ashley filed for divorce for the second time in April as she once again accused him of cheating.

Jay later dated Kayla O'Brien, but they broke up in September. Immediately afterwards, he and Ashley sparked reunion rumors. But he allegedly cheated again, and in November Ashley announced that "they are officially divorced."

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