Calling a Truce? The Whole Kardashian Family 'Shocked' That Wendy Williams Defends Kourtney

Following so many disses on her TV show, a source claims that the famous clan has 'all gotten so used to Wendy throwing shade, they just expect it from her now.'

AceShowbiz - Is there a possibility for Wendy Williams and the Kardashian family to bury their hatchet? "The Wendy Williams Show" host makes a shocking movement by defending Kourtney Kardashian, who was recently mom-shamed for her daughter Penelope's pricey shoes. Apparently, her action also surprises every member of the famous clan.

"Kourtney is shocked that Wendy Williams is taking her side, the whole family is shocked, they did not see this coming," a Kardashian insider tells The source goes on saying that "they've all gotten so used to Wendy throwing shade, they just expect it from her now."

"They would love it if Wendy's turned over a new leaf after her treatment and is going to be on team Kardashian now, that would be very welcome," adds the insider about the troubled TV personality, who is currently living in a sober house in Queens, New York. "As much as [the Kardashians] shut out the haters, anytime someone can come around and be positive about them they do like it, they’re human."

During the April 10 episode of her talk show, Wendy weighed in on criticism that Kourtney received after Kim Kardashian shared a photo of 6-year-old Penelope wearing $400 Gucci shoes for school. "So, I'm sticking up for you Kourtney Kardashian," Wendy said.

"Her kid isn't going to school with my kid or your kid," Wendy said of Kourtney, who shares Penelope with ex Scott Disick. "Her kid is going to school, where the girl next to her is wearing the $4,000 shoes! And, the boy at the front of the class… he's got an embellished backpack with the real diamond and this and that."

However, don't expect that the Kardashians will call a truce with Wendy this soon. "As of now, there is still zero chance that Kourtney or anyone in the family would appear on Wendy’s show again," the source notes. "She's just said too many hurtful things."

Back in December 2018, Wendy dubbed Kourtney's pose in a family photo "inappropriate." She also once slammed Kim for being "pathetic" and "desperate" over her bikini pic, adding that it was her way to "distract" people from Kanye West's controversial comments back in October.

"You can never say never, if [Wendy] were to prove she really has changed and make a genuine apology, they might be open to it. But as of now, the chances are zero that Kourtney or anyone from the family would be on Wendy’s show," so the source emphasized.

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