Farrah Abraham 'Has Breakdown' After Daughter Forgets She Goes to College and Has Degrees

The former 'Teen Mom OG' star admits she 'literally like lost it' when she learns that Sophia 'totally forgot that I went to college.'

AceShowbiz - Even though Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia get along really well, there are still things that can make the single mother feel hurt. In a recent YouTube Live session, the former "Teen Mom OG" star admitted to having breakdown when her ten-year-old daughter forgot some of her important accomplishments.

"I had kind of a breakdown today, literally like lost it. Because Sophia, like, totally forgot that I went to college, she totally forgot, like, what I have my degrees in. She acted like she purely just was random and like, existed out of nowhere," she said, revealing that she still wished nothing but the best for her daughter.

She continued saying, "I support her and everything she does. Just, when you kind of lie about your mom and you're, like: 'I don't know how my mom got here. She's just here. I'm just here.' Like, we all know that I've worked really, really hard."

The "Ex on the Beach" alum then revealed that her daughter had apologized to her for that. "She was like, 'I'm sorry mom that I totally forgot you went to college, forgot that you know what you're talking about, forgot that I was in stores and doing things and like, you had me along, and I actually have learned that,' " Farrah said.

Farrah obviously forgave her daughter and hoped that the girl wouldn't act "entitled." She said, "Thinking like she should just have stuff given... I think that's where I'm coming from. I was really hurt. I was really hurt today, but through my breakdown -- you know I have some epic breakdowns -- but I guess it's like, self development and growth in my own, right?"

Sophia is Farrah's daughter with Derek Underwood, who tragically died in a car accident in 2008. She gave birth to the girl on February 23, 2009.

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